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Recruitment Support

Interstate Relocation Services' seamless, comprehensive relocation process places an emphasis on service so you can attract and retain top employees. Our relocation services, including policy development, candidate assessment programs, cost containment strategies, and retention support, are customized to fit the needs of both you and your employees.

Policy Development

An internal relocation policy is essential for the effective management of employee relocations. Interstate will help you develop a thorough policy to serve as a framework for relocation planning, reduce relocation expenses, and improve communication between the company and relocating employees.

We can also assist with the development of individualized policies that address:

  • Eligibility
  • New Staff, Existing Employees, and Senior Management
  • Defined Levels of Support Per Position
  • Covered Expenses
  • Comprehensive Menu of Departure and Destination Services
  • Cost Benchmarking by Geographic Area and Industry

Ongoing Relocation Consultation

To ensure the smoothest possible transition, Interstate walks the employee through your company policy at the beginning of the relocation and reviews the policy with the transferring employee when necessary. By acting as a central point of contact, we ensure that the employee understands what is and is not applicable to his or her particular relocation package.

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