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Move Management

Interstate Relocation Services has managed every aspect of relocation by acting as the primary point of contact for the employee, agency, and moving company. Our reputation for excellence and service, coupled with our experience and comprehensive relocation services, ensures a seamless, stress-free experience, whether the move is across the country or around the world.


Interstate’s move management services begin with a consultation to educate the employee on your agency’s household goods’ move policy and the moving process. We then conduct an on-site pre-move survey of the employee’s property to determine the approximate weight of the shipment, packing needs, container and storage requirements.

We coordinate with a GSA approved CHAMPs carrier moving company to establish an approximate move date, and we assist the employee in identifying any valuable or oversized items that require special handling or protection. Written estimates are provided to the employee and agency, and dates and times for pick-up and delivery are scheduled. Temporary storage is secured as needed.

During the Move

Our relocation team monitors the packing, loading, transportation, storage, and unpacking.


Once the move is complete, we assist with any claims for loss or damage.