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Relocation Tips

Several Months Prior to Moving

  • Plan your move in order to avoid peak moving season (summer months of May-September). The first and last days of the month are the busiest. When you contact your Interstate Move Consultant, have your exact move date available so a timeline can be established.
  • Survey the attic, outside sheds, garage, basement and crawl space to determine what items will not be moving with you.
  • Have a yard sale to help discard items not traveling with you.

Two Months Prior to Moving

  • Locate legal documents and vehicle registration
  • Contact schools, doctors, dentists, lawyers and accountants and obtain copies of your personal records

One Month Prior to Moving

  • Submit a change of address form to the post office
  • Prepare an Inventory List of single-packed items that will be stored or moved
  • Contact your utility, phone and newspaper companies to discontinue/re-establish service at your old and new addresses.
  • If necessary, make travel arrangements, close accounts at your local bank and open accounts in your location.

Two Weeks Prior to Moving

  • Have your vehicle serviced and if Interstate is transporting a vehicle, speak with your Move Consultant for details about vehicular transport.
  • Contact the building management to schedule use of elevators

One Week Prior to Moving

  • Settle any outstanding bills with local merchants
  • Don’t forget to withdraw the contents of your safety deposit box, pick up any dry cleaning, return library books and rented videotapes, etc.
  • Take pets to the veterinarian for any needed immunizations.
  • Drain gas and oil from all power equipment
  • Pack a “First Night” box with personal items, bedding and fun things for kids.

One Day Prior to Moving

  • Your Interstate Move Consultant will be calling to review move arrangements and communicate the crews scheduled arrival time. They will also follow-up to see that your move went smoothly.

Moving Day

  • Make sure that someone 18 or older is available at your residence to receive Interstate. If in a gated community, notify the management office of their anticipated arrival time.
  • Record all utility meter readings (gas, electric, water)
  • Review the bill of lading and inventory sheet one last time.